One thought on “Mga motorista ng Pampanga nakiisa sa nationwide noise barrage at motorcade kontra PMVIC ng DOTR at LTO
  1. Road worthiness! It’s not the main culprit! Datas will tell that accidents related to road worthiness of vehicles are mere fraction of accidents caused by drunk driving,traffic violations usually on stoplights which can be avoided by mere discipline and apprehensions. There are accidents which can be avoided and vehicle owner will think 10 times before driving if they knew that their vehicles are not fit to travel. Are the designated private vehicle inspectors expert enough to declare your vehicles roadworthy? Or they will refer you to an accredited motor shops for repair just in case your vehicle fails the test. I mind you that this pandemic has brought a lot of skills for corruption and this project will surely top the list..the timing is so insensitive because as we know that owning any vehicle today is a neccessity. The problem with this project is it will be a breeding ground for corruption between the private owners and scrupulous govt agency particularly LTO

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