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GNC’s Most Memorable Experience For The Past 104 Years | Guest Blog

BY: Melton Dimalanta, Abbygail Musni and Jhoemar Sula

Guagua National Colleges (GNC) have faced several challenges in their 104 years in service as an educational institution, in this article, we will witness the most memorable experience that everyone will get thrilled and inspired.


Guagua National Colleges (GNC) is one of the longest running and leading educational institution here in Pampanga. It was founded by late Rev. Fr. Nicanor M. Banzali a Parish Priest in Guagua, Pampanga. It was established as Guagua National Institute (GNI) on June 18, 1918 and later changed to its current name on January 1, 1946, after the Second World War.

Rev. Fr. Banzali saw the need in establishing a learning institution that will cater on his parishioners, especially for those poor and underprivileged. His vision for the institution is to cultivate its student three things: faith in God, search for truth and knowledge and love country (Fides, Scientia, et Patria). In which, the institution has successfully educated it to the students for 104 years of existence.


Each year, Guagua National Colleges celebrate their foundation day to commemorate the foundation or establishment of the school. It gives us time to enjoy, socialize with other students and to reflect on how GNC is inspiring and shaping us to become a professional citizen. It also provides the schedule of activities to the students in participation on the one-week celebration of the foundation day during February.

This year’s theme is ” GNC ALANG KUPAS NANU MAN PANAHUN ING MILABAS” which perfectly shows that any difficulties or challenges it will encounter from time to time, GNC will still carry out its vision and mission that is to serve students quality education with professional integrity rooted in Faith in God and oneself, search for truth and knowledge, and love of country – Fides, Scientia it Patria.


Halloween is a great deal: time to plan the best spooky costumes, time to get a whole basket of sweets and goodies through trick or treats. It’s such a great time to spend a day of spooky activities and fun. Casa and Grade School Montessori adopted the usual trick or treat activity held on October 25, 2021. It is celebrated at a day before 1st day of November which also known as All Saint’s Day. The said activity started at 8.00 am inside the GNC campus. The pupils arrived with their spooky costumes together with their basket and went wild when they walked along the corridors while saying ” Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat”. The activity ended when the pupils had gone to all the offices and received buckets of sweet. They went back to their respective classrooms and make them count every piece of candies they have collected. At the end of the day, the pupils enjoyed this unforgettable celebration of Halloween party they had.


Every start of the school year, Teachers and Professors are excited to teach and share a new learning and experience to their new students in Grade School, Junior & Senior High for Regular and Montessori class and for the College School. They actively help their students to gain knowledge, sharing positive thoughts that will make students happy to motivated. They have special techniques to keep the students active and participative in each class in order to achieve a well-mannered with high quality standards of students.

GNC school provides compassion and goals to your study, a vision and mission to pursue it. Their guidance helps their student in leading towards the way of truth and honesty. In its 104 years of existence, GNC already produced professional such as Nurses, Engineers, Accountants, Business Man, and specially Teachers who are now in part of cultivating the future of the new generation. This will continue for more years to come. God Bless thee, GNC!

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