Help kids in need through Fresh Options’ Ham For All Project

After all that’s happened this year, we all need extra comfort this holiday season. Aside from the precious times we spend with our families, we can also take comfort from the food served during Noche Buena.  Christmas ham is one of the easy choices for comfort food. The taste and aroma itself gives you the sense that it is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Ham For All Project

To make it more wonderful, Fresh Options launched the ‘HAM FOR ALL’ project. For every purchase of any of its ham variants, ₱10 will be allotted for art materials and musical instruments of the kids at Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to help the disadvantaged, neglected and poor children in the Philippines.

Fresh Options has two ham variants, Cheezy Brick Chicken Ham and Pear-Shaped Ham.

Chicken Ham

Cheezy Brick Chicken Ham is made out of fresh and lean chicken meat.  This is a healthier alternative that gives everyone zero guilt for eating a little bit more in the holidays.

Pear-shaped Ham

Pear-Shaped Ham is not only a great table attraction but also perfect for your holiday meals. Its sweet, savory flavor suits well with the occasion and can be perfectly combined with other Noche Buena goodies.

Together, we can make the most wonderful time of the year better for others. Not only can we enjoy the best and freshest ham for Christmas but we can also share our blessings to children who are in need. As we celebrate the holidays, with ‘HAM FOR ALL’ project, we can extend our care while staying safe.

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