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Shore360: A Great Place to Work, A Safe Place to Work

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A Great Place to Work, A Safe Place to Work

Shore360 facilitates On-site Covid-19 Vaccination Program for Hundreds of Employees.

August 9th 2021, Shore360 Inc., in coordination with the Clark Development Corporation, successfully launched the first rollout of its on-site mobile vaccination program. The combined efforts to make Shore360 a safe place to work has delivered vaccinations to 95% of the staff, providing comfort and security in protecting their valued employees from the COVID-19 virus impacting millions of lives worldwide.

Shore360’s President and CEO, Lee Shaddock, is proud to say that the program is a product of a lot of hard work and a lot of support from his people and the CDC. He comments, “It’s a cornerstone in our company values to put family first; it’s a blessing that we have been able to make this vaccine available to our company family.” 

Dra. Dianne Tongol, Company Physician and the CDC Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, together with Shore360’s Occupational Health and Safety Department lead by Ms. Rence Samson, organized schedules and batches to deliver vaccinations, management and administration following proper safety protocols. 

“The vaccination program is very important to the employees especially if they work on-site, reducing the risk of infection and the spread of the virus,” Dra. Tongol emphasized. 

Ms. Samson shared, “This on-site mobile vaccination program gave a lot of comfort to our employees avoiding the need to go to local government vaccination sites already working hard to support our general community. This company effort has taken care of our employees’ health and welfare.”

The Philippines, already an outsourcing powerhouse nation, has been relying on the efforts of BPO companies to keep the country’s economy afloat through the challenges of the pandemic. The faster vaccine rollout being conducted across the country by LGUs and private companies like Shore360, Inc. to protect the economy’s ‘superheroes’ can help the Philippines switch from resilience to growth.  

The steps taken by Shore360 Inc. in getting its employees vaccinated is a part of its drive to remain resilient, maintain secure employment for its workers, and help combat the spread of this virus. In line with this drive, the company has structured a well-organized, hardworking Frontliner Team solely dedicated to the coordination and management of the Office Health and Safety procedures to safeguard the well-being of its employees, their families, and the Shore360 community at large from the threats of Covid-19.   

Shore360, A Great Place to Work, A Safe Place to Work. 

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